Company Phone Number: 1-800-424-2491
Refer to Company Directory located under Important Documents on the Dashboard
Company Mailing Address: PO Box 219, Sublimity OR 97385-0219
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 8am to 4:30pm Pacific Time
Friday 8am to 3pm Pacific Time
Claims 24 Hour Assistance
Including roadside assistance and glass:
1-800-424-2491 Option 1
Basic System Navigation
Refer to Training tab for Agent Portal Navigation
System Errors - “400 Error” etc.:
Your assigned underwriter or marketing representative
Contact info can be found in the Important Documents section
Billing Documents
EFT Set Up, Agency Banking Info Forms
Refer to Training tab for Billing QRG:
Fax 503-769-2114
PH 1-800-424-2491 Option 2
1-800-424-2491 Option 2
Comparative Raters (PLRating, IBQ, EZLynx, & ITC Turborater)
Refer to Training tab for Setup QRGs:
1-800-424-2491 Option 0
Customer Service
General policy questions & billing questions
Refer to Training tab for Agent Portal Navigation self service options:
1-800-424-2491 Option 0
TeamUp System Download
Operating Instructions
Ebix TeamUp Website
User ID Management
New user IDs, password resets, authority:
1-800-424-2491 Option 0
Mobile App:
1-800-424-2491 Option 0